Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lazy munchies ..

Lazy munchies ..

Siesta is such an important part of our well being, we neglect this more often than not. We are for sure allowed to feel lethargic, lazy and switched-off at times; it is the recoil system of our body at work for a fresh new bout of vigor and energy.

So while we are in the mood for idling, dozing, lazing… what kind of factors help us or rather soothe us into a state of calm and relaxation.

While all of us have a lazy couch, bean bag, hammock or even an over- sized sponge pillow or a large stuffed toy, we also have our cozy shorts, pyjamas and linen shirts for that chill-axed feeling. Pastel shades, mellowed lighting, soft furnishings, sublime environs just add to that lazy feeling.

But what about some lazy munch.. we know for sure a large bag of wafers, nachos,  or popcorn make great lazy munches. Lazy munches call for seamless snacking on comfort-food, based on mood, day, weather, well just about everything.

A rainy day calls for pakoras and bajjiyas and you can tweek them to interesting zucchini fritters, mozzarella pakodas, spiced aloo chops or just some crispy grissini’s. You can also snack on organic crackers and sugarfree munchies which donot settle down on your waistline. Flavored nuts, caramel popcorns, creative knick knacks are great. I personally love a jiffy sandwich prepared with some delicious haldiram aloo bhujiya as a filling with some hot tea.

A lazy morning is great with a tall glass of frothy cold coffee, an energy shake or your favourite cuppa steaming hot in an extra large mug or even a warming hot chocolate.
Banana muffins, toasted croissants, waffles, raisin and rolled oat bars, crispy toast with honey are great munchers. I would love to settle down with my granola-muesli with fresh frothy skimmed milk. Cereals are great company to toy with when you have those precious lazy moments to yourself. Cheesy scrambled eggs on hot toast is filling and comforting so is a hot rolled-up parantha dunked into thick yoghurt.

A tranquil day by the pool calls for few icy refreshing drinks. Munches ought to be fresh whole fruits or a simple salad with lots of greens with a crunch. Simple barbecues, hot dogs, pannini, sashliks, pita-wraps are all great by the waters.  

Lazy munch by the twilight calls for garlic fingers with a nice dip, homemade bruschettas, salt cracker canap├ęs or just some ham n cheese between two fresh loaves of bread feel like heaven. An assortment of frozen kebabs from your freezer often come handy. Home delivered short-eats like pizzas, chicken wings, potato wedges, chowmein also seems to be the best option when you just don’t feel upto anything and all you want is to let your hair down.

Lazy snacking is so close to binging and you might just add back the pounds you keep away with all the hard work that you put in to remain in shape. The best way is to plan when you can for these lazy moments and chose your groceries with care. Keep fresh fruits, salad greens, whole grain goodies and munchies handy so that your mood does not make you pick up something unhealthy in your moments of reverie.

By - Devraj Halder