Friday, 13 January 2012

Bagels or Donuts !

Talking of mood binging.. donuts seem the obvious choice. Let us take a closer look.

Bagels were born in Poland and brought into the USA by the Jews . That is were it gained its popularity. Donuts are believed to be more American but has a Dutch influence. Donuts have a fairly richer dough than bagels. The most important difference is that bagels are cooked by first scalding in hot water followed by baking while donuts are essentially deep fried.

Bagels definitely look the healthier option. It is one-third the calorie of a donut of  the same size.

Bagels available locally are sprinkled with white sesame seed or poppy seed. There are wheat and rye bagels available too. Bagels are increasingly getting popular. The knowledge of their existence though is limited. Whoever I know tried bagels have been a fan of this bread ever since.  Donuts, thanks to American marketing is more popular, visible and available. Donuts have more of the first-movers advantage.

Bagels are just great eaten plain, with butter, fruit preserves, mezzeh dips, cream cheese actually everything ! Bagels are more versatile. You can also create great bagel sandwiches with fillings like smoked salmon, ham, tandoori paneer, crunchy salad, barbecued food. There are so many  amazing options.

But well.. mood rules, so you never know what made you pick up the bagel or the donut or vis-a-versa !

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