Monday, 23 January 2012

Fat is Fit !

How often have you indulged in fatty foods or have succumbed to the desire of your taste buds leading to guilty pangs,  I am sure more than often.
To put fat in good light might sound like a criminal offence today, but we have all heard that overindulgence in anything is bad and mind you, the same applies to fat.

Recently I heard a French Chef say, “ To me French food is cream, butter and wine, and that is what is my job” . If people are banishing fat from their food and eating habits are becoming healthier then why still the ever increasing number of heart disease and obesity related problems all over the world.
Chefs would know that the French used to eat a 11 course meal and the Chinese noble men 24 dishes in a single meal; can we even think of eating that quantity of a meal today. Can you match the quantity of food which your forefathers ate.  We have also heard our elders say, that robust eaters are healthy human beings.
So I am sure it is not just fat which is a menace. It is more of a lifestyle problem. Blame it on to your sedentary life, modern comforts, gadgets and utilities which is hardly burning even the basic intake of fat in your diet.
Most of you who have been advised by a fitness instructor might have told you at some point of time that “ Eat what you want but also burn it”

Fat has always had a reputation for being bad for health ..true but also, not entirely true.
It is saturated fat which needs to be avoided. Non saturated fats like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated are what to look for and include in your diet.

Fat is a natural product , so how can it be entirely bad. The problem is ‘fat is bad’ has been perceived as ‘all fat is bad’.

Let me tell you why nature has created fat :

  • Fat protects most of the vital organs in our body from shock and also is an insulation.
  • Essential vitamins like A,D, K and E can only be dissolved or absorbed by fat
  • Essential fatty acids are necessary for a healthy heart, immune system and metabolism
  • Fat is a  vital source of energy and complexion
  • Some essential fatty acids are required for structural, hormonal and electrical functional in the body

Fat also gives the taste and texture to your foods. So don’t just trash the fat, avoid the saturated ones like in red meats, butter, cheese etc enjoy the rest in olive oil, rapeseed oil, hazelnut, almonds, avocado etc.

Balanced diet is the key, exercise regularly, eat whatever you crave for but in moderation. Plan your meals, make them creative and please don’t spank the poor fat  !

      By : Devraj Halder

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