Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Refreshing Recipe - Macha Misu

Macha Misu ( Serves Four )

Egg yolk                                                    04 nos
Egg white                                                  04 nos
Gelatine dissolved                                     30 gms
Bakery cream                                          400gms
Fine sugar                                                 60 gms
Mascarpone cheese( creamed)                  100 gms
White truffle( given below)                       200 gms
Macha( Green tea ) powder dissolved         20 gms
For white chocolate truffle;
White chocolate                                       800 gms
Bakery cream                                          350 gms

Directions :
1. Beat egg yolk, add mascarpone, gelatine and macha. Mix and set aside.
2. Separately whisk the bakery cream with sugar. Combine the two mixtures.
3. Add the truffle to the mixture and mix.
4. Beat egg whites and fold into the mixture. Pour into moulds and refrigerate.

Recipe By : Devraj Halder

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