Thursday, 26 January 2012

Refreshing Recipe - Spicy Tomato, Ginger Fried Rice - Chinese New Year !

Spicy Tomato Basil and Ginger Fried Rice ( Serves one )


Long grained rice, cooked         100 gms
Pilati tomato, diced                      02 tbsp
Canola oil                                    01 tbsp
Ginger, chopped                          01 tsp
Thai holy basil                              01 tsp           
Dry red chilli                                01 tsp
Salt                                            to taste


Boil the long grained rice and keep aside.
Take oil in a deep-pan.
Add chilli followed by ginger, tomato, basil and sauté lightly.
Add salt and toss the rice well.
You can serve this with any oriental or pan-asian preparations.

Recipe By : Devraj Halder

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