Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Refreshing Recipe - Asian Seafood Gazpacho

Asian Seafood Gazpacho ( Serves Two )


For the soup

Red Bell Peppers ( Slightly Roasted )                            40 gms
Deseeded Cucumber                                                    60 gms
Desseded Blanched Tomato                                         40 gms
Lemon Juice                                                                 Few drops
Chilled Seafood Stock                                                  140 ml
Lemon Grass                                                                A pinch
Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                    A few drops
Salt                                                                              To taste

For the garnish

Norwegian Salmon                                                       40 gms
Japanese Red Tuna                                                       40 gms
Scallops                                                                       20 gms
Flying Fish Roe                                                             02 tsp
Blanched Assorted Fresh Mushrooms                           20 gms
White Fungus Blanched with Lemon water                    20 gms
Blanched Ramen Noodles                                             20 gms
Blanched Assorted Vegetables                                      20 gms
Cilantro Pesto                                                               02 tsp

Directions :

  1. Churn all the ingredients for the soup together and strain.
  2. Attractively cut all the ingredients given for the garnish and assemble on the soup plate along with soup.
  3. Serve chilled along with crusty bread.
Recipe By : Devraj Halder

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