Saturday, 28 January 2012

Refreshing Recipe - Warm Chocolate Pudding

Hearty Soft Centered Warm Chocolate Pudding ( Serves Four )

Eggs                                                                10 nos
Sugar                                                              200 gms
Fresh Cream                                                  225 gms
Dark Chocolate                                              450 gms
Milk                                                                01 litre
Bread Crumbs                                                500 gms
Chocolate Chips                                             100 gms

Preparation :

Heat the double cream with the sugar and milk. Once it comes to boil add in the chopped dark chocolate. Mix it well with wooden ladle.
Add in the bread crumbs, chocolate chips, eggs and fold the mixture gently
Pour in individual moulds dusted with flour and bake at 225 degree C till done.

Recipe By : Devraj Halder

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