Friday, 10 February 2012

Khad - The Earth Cuisine !

Khad or ‘earth’ cuisine developed in one of the hottest corners of India in Rajasthan. It is a type of dessert cuisine also practiced by the nomadic tribes of  Rann of Kutch. There is evidence that the cuisine was also practiced in the Multan region which is now in Pakistan. The name also originates from the 'pit method of preparation'. In times when cows were plentiful but refrigerators not invented,  milk and its products had to be used up quickly. Khad cuisine use limited water and natural resources. Instead of water which is scarce, sweet buttermilk is used to make gravies and sauces in many of the dishes.
The cuisine is nutritious and filling. Besides onion and tomato, spices like cardamom, mace, bayleaf and cloves as masala are used. This cuisine is unique in aesthetic appeal and tastes are different and unusual. The dishes are cooked and served in mud pots.
The winters are here and it is a great opportunity to enjoy some earthy food. The spices, rich flavours and aroma make it a unique experience.

The cuisine showcases earthy preparations like ; Zamin Doz Machli ( exotic preparation of fish cooked in the earth ), Mutton Khad Keema (slow cooked meat in the traditional way served dry and spicy), Jungli Murgh (spring chicken flavored with cardamom, mace and saffron cooked in its own juice), Sondhi Subzi (earth fragrant melange of vegetables ), Multani Aloo (stuffed potatoes roasted in a clay oven), Kaer Sangri (desert berries and pods ), Matki Dal (math dal;  in a distinct taste and flavor), Bajre Ki Roti ( millet bread ), Pathar Ki Makki Roti ( corn bread cooked on a stone ), Lapsi ( broken wheat pudding )

Sondhi Subzi (Earth fragrant melange of vegetables )

By : Devraj Halder

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