Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Coffee Experience

Coffee seems to be such an indispensable companion and occupies such a pivotal role in society. Some say, a lot can happen over coffee and some say, a cup of coffee and I can rule the world. Even in ancient Greece the man had to keep the coffee pot full or the woman would walk out on him !

Be it a business rendezvous or the wake up call for a fresh new morning, an intimate date or reverie in solitude, meaningful reading or serious brain storming or just to recharge your batteries, coffee’s the call… 
The very aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans have paved success stories from Starbucks to now-so-many coffee chains just next door. The humble coffee houses of yester years have now transformed into flashy coffee joints which make that cool-style-statement.

From Illy coffees, cappuccinos, cafĂ© au lait, frappuccinos, you don’t just see the creamy-frothy peak you actually follow it all the way down to the bottom of the mug ! Short macchiatto or espresso or even exclusive ranges of iced coffees feel different.  Speciality coffees?.. look for flavors like madagascar vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, liqueur-chocolate, hazelnut or special blends for the season like Citrus Hints, Monsoon Blends or Date-out.
Premium biscottis, mandazi, beignets, croissants, french hearts, bagels, cinnabons give great company to your coffee. Afterall we are still talking about the experience !

By : Devraj Halder

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