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Love Food - The Aphrodisiacs Quotient !

Love food or aphrodisiacs have a firm scientific basis. Spices have aromas which ensure invigorating romantic encounters.  Arabs had their Perfumed Gardens and Indians their Kama Sutra, each of which extolled favored spices such as nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and ginger, Romans favored cinnamon and pepper, Chinese, their ginger.
The essential oils and terpenoid alcohols of spices contribute to their smell, taste and tactile sensation, hence their love potency. Eugenol in cinnamon, clove and pimento has anesthetic effect. Menthol from mints have a cooling effect. Anise contains anethole, cinnamon produces cinnamaldehyde, ginger contains gingerols, mace contains myristin, pepper contains piperine, vanilla contains the widely loved vanillin, saffron contains picrocrocin. Other aphros include garlic, rosemary and thyme,basil, carrot, salvia, gladiolus root, orchid bulbs, pistachio, arugula, sage, turnips, skink flesh (a type of lizard) and river snails
Food was not so readily available as it is today. Undernourishment creates a loss of libido as well as reduces fertility rates.   Substances that by nature represent seed or semen such as bulbs, eggs, snails were considered inherently to have sexual powers. Other types of foods were considered stimulating by their physical resemblance to genitalia.
Phallic shaped, eating asparagus for three days is said to give  the most powerful affect.
Symbol of fertility throughout the ages.  The aroma is thought to induce passion in a female.
Sexual stimulant used in Ayurvedic medicine.
The Aztecs called the avocado tree Ahuacuatl which translated means testicle tree, due to their resemblance to the male testicles.  This is a delicious fruit with a sensuous texture.
Phallic shaped banana flower, rich in potassium and B vitamins,necessities for sex hormone.
Sweet Basil
Stimulates sex drive, boost fertility and a general sense of well being for body and mind.

Referred as ‘nourishment of the Gods’. Contains theobromine  to effect neurotransmitters in the brain. Chocolate contains more antioxidant than does red wine.
Phallus shaped, stimulant to male, high in vitamins and beta-carotene, aids seduction.
Caffeine is a well-know stimulant but too much becomes a depressant. 
Source of natural plant estrogens.
Open fig emulates the female sex organs and is a sexual stimulant.  A man breaking open a fig and eating it in front of his lover is a powerful erotic act.
The 'heat' in garlic stirs sexual desire.Cures everything from common cold to heart ailment.
Ginger root raw, cooked or crystallized is a stimulant to the circulatory system.
Egyptian cures for sterility and impotence.
Mustard and Mustard Greens
Stimulates the sexual glands and increase desire.
Chinese women prize it as an aphrodisiac.  Can produce hallucinogenic effect.
Aphrodisiac of Romans. Oyster resembles the female genitals, are very nutritious and high in protein.
Pine Nuts
Zinc is a key mineral necessary to maintain male potency and pine nuts are rich in zinc.
Rich in vitamin C and and is used in the homeopathic treatment for impotence.
Raspberries and Strawberries
Perfect foods for hand feeding your lover. Both invite love and are described in erotic literature as ‘fruit nipples’ Both are high in vitamin C.
The Greeks and the Romans considered the rare Truffle to be an aphrodisiac.  The musky scent is said to stimulate and sensitize the skin to touch.
The scent and flavor of vanilla is believed to increase lust.
A glass or two of wine can greatly enhance a romantic interlude.  Wine relaxes and helps to stimulate senses.  A moderate amount of wine has been said to ‘arouse’ but much more than that amount with have the reverse affect.

Aphrodisiacs Menu 

Double Consomme with Winter Truffles and Cognac 

                Mutton Paya Yakhni                    

Fragant Vegetable Broth with Ginseng  and Ashwagandha 

Silken Soup with Asparagus Spears and Roasted Almonds 

Hearty Fried Garlic and Tomato Soup with Fresh Sprigs of Basil 

Forest Mushroom Soup with Warm Truffle Oil  

Cold starters

Fresh Oysters with Lime and Dutch Caviar

Sashimi of Selected Red Tuna, White Scallops, Salmon and Crab Stick   

Aphro-Caesar Salad served with Pancette, Cognac-Roasted Garlic Dressing
and Kalamata Olive Biscotti

Avocado, Cherry Mozzarella and Plum Tomato Salad in Tangerine Dressing

Hot Starters

Charcoal Roasted Prawns with Grilled Asparagus and Fennel Balsamico

Turkey Benedict
-topped with poached eggs, grilled Asparagus and Truffle Hollandaise and caviar

Pinenut Filled Mutton Kibbeh seved with Pita Bread and Lebneh

Skillet Grilled Almond Kebabs     

Asafoetida Fragrant Black Soybean Falafel filled with Sultana

Fig Filled Tandoori Mushrooms  

Main Course

Lobster and Mushroom Casserole in Champagne Sauce

Basa Fish Almendrado served with Fresh Fennel   

Sorshe Illish
-celebrity Indian salmon from the eastern coast in a spicy mustard gravy

Garlic Fragrant Eel Fish with Fresh Vegetables   

Feta and Spinach Filled Poached Chicken Breast
served with Citrus fruits and Fresh Strawberry Veloute     

Gucchi Bhara Tandoori Murgh
-chicken drumsticks filled with morel mushrooms, served with khurmi naan        

Zaffrani Mutton Nalli Ki Nahari
- lamb shanks in a saffron infused gravy   

Tian of Winter Carrots served with Gorgonzola Cheese Risotto and Saffron Sauce 

Rotolo of Vegetables served on Creamed Palm Hearts     

Sarson Ka Saag
- mustard greens tempered with garlic served with unleavened corn bread 

Shakahari Sangam
-combination of five potent vegetables in an Indian preparation


Cold Buckwheat noodles with Sweet Miso Salmon and Wakame  

Arabic Bariyani with Apricot and Pinenuts and Tender Chicken  

Mutton Sweet Bread Yakhni Pulao 

Guchi Badam Adraki Pulao     

Kesari Bhath
-hearty saffron rice with dried fruit


Melting Hot Chocolate Pudding Topped with Fresh Strawberries 

Champagne Zabaglioni served with Raspberries   

Homemade Tiramisu served with Cinnamon Fingers    

Honey Glazed Banana with Caramelized Ginger and Light Vanilla Gelato 

Red Wine Steeped Fresh Figs with Light Vanilla Gelato 

Aphro Sundae
with honey glazed pineapple, fresh strawberries, almond brownie,
black currant gelato, saffron and pistachio gelato       

 By : Devraj Halder

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