Monday, 27 February 2012

The Health Revolution

Health issues and healthy eating habits have been climbing up our priority list at a feverish pace.  The awareness of the issue has never been so remarkable. A person may be at 60 or at 16, this one priority is common atleast and that is to keep in shape. This infact is good news to us chefs too, as the recognition of our jobs have increased multifold. We are no longer forced to cook oil-laden food, heavy gravies and kill the food in the name of cooking.  We can do subtle things and still keep the cash register ringing.  

Chefs now can also do different things and do them differently. The discerning clients know their food, which make the job even more interesting as well as challenging. It is also a huge responsibility to keep the health food healthy, as it is quite simple to turn the subject into a marketing jargon.

The health revolution is here to stay and it better be for the good. When you encounter or look for health food, it is my earnest request to all you intelligent folks to ask questions, please don’t get carried away but read between the lines. Pry whether the health product suits your specific need, look at the list of contents in detail, check whether the cooking medium or cooking process negates the health benefit of the ingredients in a restaurant menu or not. Read more about the ingredients, dissect fad diets to know your-specific advantage in them. Don't just get way led by Organic, Natural, GM and other labels. It is good to be aware, that way you get more value for your money.

It is also heartening to see that the palette makeover has given us Indians a pivotal advantage. Sandwiched between Asian gourmet cuisines and that of rest of the world and with our very own deep-rooted cuisine/s, we are at an envious position, no wonder the upsurge in global reverence and all the signs of emergence of an increasingly elite status for our country, our food and the way we eat. We surely are poised, poised  to embrace a healthier lifestyle and derive much more fulfillment, that way we do squeeze out more from life. After all that is exactly why we live ! …to eat !!

By : Devraj Halder

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