Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mulled Wine

Winters are back and beautiful as always. The hillscapes already done a sparkling new white blanket and the flatlands enjoy the refreshing cold breeze. The nip in the air is great for the heartwarming wines mulled to perfection. It is an exquisite art to heat certain wines with some subtle aromats thrown in. The release of the inherent flavors of the terroir along with the dash of added flavors create a warm elixir just perfect for another new winter.

The best fruit for making mulled wine is rough dark red grapes. It has the right equilibrium of sugar, acids (tartaric, malic, ascorbic ), yeast nutrients, tannins and water content.
Country wines with plenty of tannin do well. Bilberry, damson, blackberry, black plum and blackcurrant.  The rough wines do better than the good ones when mulling them. That also suggests a smart way to improve and enjoy these wines which is also just right for the season.

Wines from Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Italy or Chile suit better as they typically have a deep fruity flavor and lots of rustic structure, again perfect for mulling.
Casa Lapostolle Chardonnay from Chile, Marques De Riscal Rueda from Spain, Alfa Romeo Red from Italy are to name a few. Martel XO and Hennessy XO are my personal favorites to compliment the mulled wine.

Dried and pitted fruits like, apricot, punes are great. Also spices like, sweet cinnamon, vanilla go well. 

Traditionally mulled wines go well in a glogg wine glass or mug which is a  dual-walled thermal glass and help keep contents warmer in cold winter night outside. Mulled wine pitcher or warmer and festive felt wool coaster pack are also available. A brandy snifter is also a practical glass to serve it.

Happy mulling this winter !

By :

Devraj Halder

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